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House History

The house was built in 1903 by the owners of the Whale Factory in Aquaforte, and became the residence of Mr. Mont Windsor when he returned from the first World War with his new bride. Together they had 6 children. Dorothy, Wilfred, Grace, Anna, Algy and Bruce.

Grace stayed in the house when she married Claude Stoodley and raised her family there. Her youngest child, Amelia and her husband John Kavanagh are the present owners of the home. It was always a dream of Amelia and John’s to open a Bed & Breakfast and invite people into their home, and in 2016 their dream has come true.

web-logoAbout the Name “Kaleywinds”

“Kaleywinds” was the name Amelia and John chose. They were trying to come up with an original and unique name for their B & B, when a friend suggested they combine the surnames of the 3 generations of her family who have lived at the house. That is just what they did and came up with “Kaleywinds”. They took the “KA” from Kavanagh, “LEY” from Stoodley and “WINDS” from Windsor. They also added an English Rose and a Claddagh to the “K” (in the logo) to signify the English and Irish roots of their family.

Canada Select Rating

Kaleywinds Bed & Breakfast is proud to have a Canada Select rating for 4 1/2 Stars