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The Colony of Avalon Archaeological Site

Have you ever walked on a 17th-century street, seen a 17th-century herb garden, or looked at the remains of everyday life in one of the earliest European colonies in North America? If you haven’t, come to the Colony of Avalon at Ferryland, Newfoundland. The Ferryland settlement was “forgotten”, and its remains lay undisturbed for centuries.The site is now being excavated and archaeologists have uncovered over a million artifacts from the stone constructed buildings including gold rings, Portuguese ceramics and other unusual objects.

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© Ferryland Lighthouse Picnics

Ferryland Lighthouse Picnics

The perfect recipe for what will be one of your most treasured memories. Lighthouse Picnics based at Ferryland Lighthouse (built in 1870) offers distinctive picnic food using the freshest ingredients. A picnic to be enjoyed while relaxing and enjoying amazing scenery – waves, whales, and seabirds are all part of the vista.

For more information about Ferryland Lighthouse Picnics, please visit their website.


Mistaken Point

Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve

Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve

Only 60 minutes away from Kaleywinds Bed & Breakfast is the Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve. It is one of the world’s most significant fossil and geological sites with fossils dated from 575 to 542 million years ago. The area is one of nine sites on the Canadian Tentative list of potential UNESCO World Heritage properties.

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© East Coast Trail

© East Coast Trail

East Coast Trail

The stunning East Coast Trail is located on the east coast of Canada along the scenic shores of the Avalon Peninsula. The trail includes 265 km of developed trail with trail signage, maps and supporting trail information to enhance your hiking experience along our shores and through the wilderness. There is also 275 km of Trail are undeveloped, are not yet supported with trail maps and signage, and should only be attempted by experienced remote wilderness hikers and backpackers.

For more information about The East Coast Trail, please visit their website.




Breaching Humpback Whale

Bird & Whale Watching

There are a variety of Bird & Whale Watching Tour Operators in the Bay Bulls and Witless Bay areas. Get up close and personal with humpback whales, puffins and a variety of other wildlife that call the ocean home. Definitely recommended for those new to Newfoundland!


ssSouthern Shore Folk Art Council Dinner Theater

Kaleywinds Bed & Breakfast is only 5 minutes away from the Southern Shore Folk Art Council Dinner Theatre. Offering Dinner Theatre, the Annual Shamrock Festival and other special events.

For more information about Southern Shore Folk Art Council Dinner Theater or to check their schedule of events, please visit their website







Berry Picking

Areas of The Irish Loop offer a variety of berries to be picked during the summer months including blueberry, partridgeberry and bakeapples (also known as cloudberry). Enjoy the scenic backdrops while you berry pick, but try not to eat them all and bring some home with you!





Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking

With the ocean on one side and boreal forest on the other, this entire area is surrounded by nature. Dip your paddle into the crisp waters off our shorelines for a unique view of this place we call home. Get up close with whales, icebergs and sea birds.


Historic Anglican Church

St. Philip the Apostle Anglican Church was built in 1857, on land donated by the Windsor Family. It is the only church of it’s kind, architecturally, now remaining on the Southern Shore.